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Before i came to PKU, i thought it was paradise there, because i felt so much stress when NCEE was turning the corner that i must cheat myself by something. But now i know that i actually cheated myself.

in campus, we all feel three main sorts of stress. They are study, love and life. For i have not a GF, and i consider it’s too early to think about life problems such as employment (i am only Grade One), feeling annoyed by study takes most of my time.

There is too little time for me to complete the work we need to do. And what is my fault that i have chosen too many courses to study. i miscalculated my ability. However, if i take less like what i did last term, i would waste my spare time playing computer games, sleeping, talking and fooling around.

i am still puzzled about that. But recently i even have no time to feel puzzled. There are eleven papers and two big tasks in all this term. Maybe it’s good for us to have something to do instead of giving ourselves up to daydreams. it is said that a certain amount of stress can stimulate us and increase our level of alertness.成年人癫痫病怎么办

So, don’t be worried about it. Just do it! Nike tells the answer. We should believe that our latent capacity is unlimited. it is what i want to say to some students oppressed by papers and myself. it is better to develop our abilities to deal with stress rather than to escape from it, right?

Come on!

Every day looking forward to the 61 Children has finally come.

Morning, 5:30 on my . My mother's face cream first serious个true face wash, and then red comb black comb Liangliang the braids, in a flower on the top bar.draw good makeup, i look at themselves in the mirror left-right look, feel really good, they turned to the school run. As if my joy will not walk, do not know how i went to school from home.

Went to school, teaching see hanging in front of the building to celebrate 61 Children of the huge banner, banners below are to allow us to display the broad stage of talent. We will be here to celebrate 61 international Children's Day.

Renqing 61 event at the thunderous applause began. First, school leaders give excellent Shaoxian squadron and outstanding young pioneers, ten juvenile Flower, to help learn flower were presented with award昆明市癫痫病专科医院哪家好s in recognition of advanced, next is our children's talent show, performances.

The first one-year program are the children as 61 section of the clapping song rehearsal. Only a small lively Student beautiful, full of energy ahead. Liang opened their voice to sing hard, hard shot with open hands, small hands beat red. The second program is the sixth grade, Big Brothers and Big Sisters performing chorus. They lined up a huge team, bright open -like voice, singing, crying to celebrate 61. At the time singing, laughter, applause, music passed fast. The play has been our fifth grade. We must use the joy of dance to celebrate 61. Standing on the platform, i do not know how good my jump, but i saw the audience of teachers and classmates are looking at our laughter towards our applause. After the U.S. dance , Xu sweet for everyone classmates sang Solar Rain theme song, her sweet voice with their own resounding solo to celebrate 61. Turn to instrumental performances, and we took to go blowing clarinet Units, tracks are painting the Carpenter, cowboy, Spring has. Dozens of students stood on stage together blowing, sound filled the campus, applause reverberated in the campus, smiling at his face失神发作性癫痫什么症状 in full bloom.

How time flies! Unconsciously program finished performing, but our hearts are still immersed in the joy of holiday in a long time should not calm.

Back home, turn on the TV i watch to celebrate 61 Highlights of the event. Original country, children all over the world with us as excited as joy, as happy, because today is the U.S. holiday, are 61 international Children ah!








Today is Children's Day.My father takes me to the zoo.There are many kinds of animals,the tigers, the pandas,the lions, the elephants,the giraffes and the bears.

They are different from each other ,some are shy, some are beautiful, some are interesting , some are friendly, some are so cute. But i think these animals are unhappy, they should live in the forest,because the life in the zoo are different from that in the forest.

The children`s day is coming .so i am very happy.i think that day i am going to buy a beautiful gift for me.on that wonderful day, i am going to play in that children's garden whit my mother and father. it will be the most happy day!

During the Children's Days when we were young, we sometimes were taken out by parents, or we young kids went together by ourselves, running to the very places with lots of fun and buying plenty of things for a whole day. if my parents took me to, i would choose climbing hills as i loved to.we usually chose to climbing tall ones,because it would be so meaningful.some would like to invite friends home to have a party to celebrate the Children's Day.

Anyhow, it was fun each time.

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